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Listed below are items required for shelter operations and our furry kids welfare from time to time. Kindly contact (+6) 012 265 2209 if you wish to donate/sponsor the items below


  • Kibbles 15kg (RM 60)

  • Canned food for adult dogs

  • Canned food for puppies

  • Goat milk powder for puppies (RM24)
  • Rice 10kg

  • Fresh chicken

  • Vegetables (pumpkin, carrots, broccoli)

  • Eggs

DO You Know? FKSH requires the following number of fixed monthly needs:-

  • Kibbles 15kg - 1800 bags

  • Canned food for adult dogs - 20 cans

  • Canned food for puppies - 100 cans

  • Goat milk powder for puppies - 10 pk


  • Water and feeding bowls

  • Towels or old blankets

  • Clorox and detergent powder

  • Dog shampoo

  • Washing brush and brooms


  • Puppy kennels - RM5000 each

  • Paint

  • Metal deck fencing

  • Cement

  • Bricks

Please contact the number mentioned above to know the specifications of these items before purchase


Vaccination and Deworming for Puppies

  • RM 45 x 3jabs (RM 135) per pup

  • Required for 30 puppies as of May 2021

​Neutering Strays

  • Male (RM 100)

  • Female (RM 180)

  • Required for over 50 strays as of May 2021

Sponsor A Dog Program
This program enables the public to select a specific dog and sponsor all of the food, shelter and medical expenses for that dog. Please click here to select your furry kid
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