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In Support of Animal Rights

Furrykids Safehaven (Persatuan Penyelamat Haiwan Terbiar Furrykids Safehaven, better known as Furrykids (FKSH) is an NGO founded in 2017 by a small group of kind-hearted individuals. The motive to set up the shelter stemmed from the rescue of 84 dogs that were put on death row by DBKL. It was then when the pioneers decided to save the voiceless doggies and start a shelter with basic necessities that were required for these doggies. From 84, the number grew and today there are over 1700 dogs whose home is Furrykids Safehaven

In October 2018, the NGO was approached by local government authorities for help to take in the strays caught by their contracted dog-catchers. At that time, stray population was getting out of control and the number of public complaints was high. The authorities agreed to provide land and shelter built with the help of sponsors however the plan has not fully materialized at of 2021. The NGO is fully dependent on donations from the public to maintain the up keep of rescued strays and is very much focused on neutering strays on the streets

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